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Based on sound platform of science, Innovation and technology Akshay seeds blends the superior local germplasm with accredited international genetic resources to deliver value added high quality hybrids and varieties to the farmers. We persistently use latest improved technologies to fast track product development process. Our product design philosophy aims at bringing superior products to mitigate the challenges faced by farmers due to climate change, seasonal fluctuation and onset of new diseases and pest. We commit to provide higher value added products after rigorous breeding, intensive product testing across various Agro-climatic zones and incorporating views and ideas of farmers, dealers and consumers.

We have well established Breeding & Product testing facilities in Vegetables and Field crops in Aurangabad. We test the new generation hybrids in many locations across India. We have well equipped highly qualified Breeding and Technical team with years of experience and expertise in Breeding for Vegetable and Field crops. We invest a significant percentage of turnover on Research and Development to ensure a continue stream of improved products that meet farmers expectation. We commit to deliver the best products to remain ahead of competition and delight the farmers with our product experiences.