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Virtual R&D crop show – Apr-2021

Virtual R&D crop show conducted during this week. R&D team has done well to show case the pipe line hyrbids in many crops and some star products are in making. We are thrilled to see new okra, Bottlegourds, Bittergourds, cucumber watermelon, melon hyrbids.

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Distributors Nursery man, visited our R & D farm

Akshay seeds focuses strongly on R&D and we always strive to give the best performing innovative products to the farmers. As part of our mission to involve key stakeholders like dealers and nursery people in our product selection process we have invited key partners to our R&D farm. Since Nursery people are becoming very important bridge between farmers and company we feel it is essential to involve them in our activities. The suggestion and feedback of nursery team was noted down for further improvement. The nursery people were very glad to see our progress and our breeding strength in many vegetable crops. We assure them to bring the best products for the farmers looking at the current needs and challenges.

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Bihar- Jharkhand Dealers and Distributors Meet – Jan-2016

During month of Jan16 we have Bihar-Jharkhand dealers and distributors meet in the scenic place of Digha, West Bengal. This is the first of its kind of meeting where Akshay seeds were launched to the dealers highlighting about the company, its Vision & Mission and the future plan. The dealers took a lots of interest to know about the company and its products. Some of the products which we have already introduced to the farmers of Bihar and Jharkhand have been appreciated by the dealers and distributors. The event was concluded with sightseeing to the Bay of Bengal beach areas and dealers left the place with a good memory.