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Distributors Nursery man, visited our R & D farm

Akshay seeds focuses strongly on R&D and we always strive to give the best performing innovative products to the farmers. As part of our mission to involve key stakeholders like dealers and nursery people in our product selection process we have invited key partners to our R&D farm.

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Farmer is delighted and said to us “ Prime yellow from Akshay seeds has very attractive yellow colour. It has better yield than other competitors. The flowers remain fresh and has good self-life and suitable for long distance transportability. I am very happy to see that its calyx does not crack which I was seeing in many other competitors varieties. I am going to grow this next season in larger areas”.

Amol ChendageBhilavadi, Palus, Sangli

Farmer is extremely happy and said “ I have never seen such a nice onion crop though I am growing onion for many years. Akshay selection has no bolting, has very uniform shape and size. I like its attractive shiny red colour. One point that make me very happy is its long storability of almost 4 months during rainy season. This has earlier maturity of around 90 days. I am happy of this variety than any competitors and will continue to grow this variety season after season”.

Sabu WalikarKorthi, Belagi, Bagalkot

Farmer is very happy and said to us “ I am growing this hybrid for the first time and delighted to note that it has very good heat set as I have planted during Jan and started harvesting from April. It has good length of fruits and the colour is light green with wrinkles. I am very happy with its yield potential and am going to grow this next season. I would request company to make available enough quantiy of seed of this hybrid”.

Hot pepper 367Samadhan Wagh, Nashik